Overview Of Slacklining – Methods And Benefits


Slacklining is a means to balance and walk between two points. Some people think slacklining is same as a tightrope, but it is like walking on a skinny trampoline. According to Balance Haven, slackline sways back and forth, and it bounces down and up as you walk across. Other than testing your determination and focus, it is a great lower body and core workout.

There are many styles of slacklining, which include slackline yoga, trickling, water lining, and rodeo slacklining. Every type has its set of challenges.

Methods of slacklining


tgw3edf6cuwed8j292This is a popular style that is mainly done near the ground. It is an amazing style to show a broad range of technical tricks and flips. The tricks are quite difficult. Some simple tricks are such as walking backward and forward, dropping a knee, jumping onto the line, and turning around. Advanced tricks include surfing, flips and spins, surfing, and chest bouncing.

Slackline yoga

This is when you carry out poses on a slackline. It is mainly performed on an inch line with the low tension. Little tension makes the line quite sensitive to every movement. Low tension on the line is a tough challenge. Doing yoga poses requires a lot of skill and concentration.


This is when a slackline is elevated quite high above the surface. They are set up between the rocks, which have a huge drop. The majority of high liners use the safety harness or the leash to keep sport. Without a leash, you increase risk, but you make the completion quite impressive.

Rodeo slacklining

tgw3edf6ched7c8edik92This is when ends of a slackline are placed quite high without tension. It makes the slackline hang like U shape. The good thing about this slacklining method is that allows the opportunity of using a slackline as swing. Moreover, it a great way to surf the line due to the amount of forth and back movement.


This is when a slackline is set up in windy conditions. In fact, even a small amount of wind is likely to cause the slackline to shake or ripple. When there is a lot of wind, it becomes difficult to maintain balance. This explains why windlining is a great challenge.

This overview has given some insight to the sport of slacklining. It is both fun and challenging no matter the method or style. This unique sport has a lot of room to grow. Thus, you need to be part of growth and enjoy some fun.…