Signs and symptoms of diabetes


Diabetes is fairly considered as a lifestyle disease with its symptoms being minor and resembling normal daily habits. The disease is hard to notice for those it affects at the beginning unless they have prior medical knowledge. Majority of newly diagnosed patients often do not believe it and they live in denial for some time.In the event of non-availability of other known factors, signs and symptoms of diabetes are hard to recognize and it is good to learn the basics about the disease taking note of the different types of diabetes. Taking interest to learn on diabetes may at one time save your life or that of your loved one. There exist three types of diabetes namely; Gestational diabetes, diabetes type 1 or insulin dependent diabetes and diabetes type 2 or non-insulin dependent diabetes. Their signs and symptoms are as below:

Type one diabetes


Juvenile diabetes also known as type one diabetes, is often associated to mostly affecting the juveniles and young adults. In this case, the body system is maybe unable to produce insulin or it produces low amounts of insulin to sustain the body to function normally. Therefore its mode of management entails supplementing the body with insulin.


Non-insulin dependent diabetes

Non-insulin dependent diabetes or type two diabetes is often associated with lifestyle. So far, it is the most common type of diabetes which mostly affects the elderly hence the reason as to why people normally think of diabetes as a disease of the elderly. Type two diabetes is hard to recognize since it affects the elderly in the community and its symptoms resemble the normal effects of aging. As we all know, when one grows older in life, they develop inability to hold urine over time hence may be forced to pass urine frequently, they easily get tired, they have visual issues, they get hungry quick, hence they need to eat frequently, those normal ageing process mentioned above also double as signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes hence might not raise alarm, therefore it is of the essence to do regular blood sugar tests.

Gestational diabetes

rftvgcvgyvghvghGestational diabetes as the name suggests affects women, yes it affects women of child bearing age during or after pregnancy. It does not affect all pregnant women, but for those it affects constitute to four percent of pregnant women worldwide. It is often discovered during routine antenatal care tests, when the urine sample collected shows glucose and protein in it. Signs and symptoms of gestational diabetes are similar to those of type two diabetes characterized with increased frequency of micturition, increased thirst, infections of the female reproductive organ, increased appetite. As you may notice, the symptoms are non-specific hence the need to do a routine blood sugar test to rule out the possibility of diabetes.…